World Expo 25 Contribution - Music & AI Hackathon

Every 5 years the world expo takes place in a city of global relevance. Over 160 nations participate next year at the world expo in Osaka, Japan 🇯🇵. This expo has historic significance as the first time Japan participated in an expo was 1873 in Vienna.

Austria's motto for the event next year will be "composing the future together" -Music, which is at the center of Austria's identity, is very popular in Japan.

Aside from classical music we think that Austria should participate in discussion about how music will be relevant in the future. Together with the Japanese NPO Glovill and Advantage Austria we organise the Music & AI Hackathon.

The event will happen from 14.06 - 15.06, 2025 at the Gyokuzoin Temple in Nara. The over thousand year old buddhist temple will host minds and ideas for the future and hopefully connect the old with the new, one culture with another.

We are excited to be part of it and invite partners to contribute to our activities.

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